Sing. Eat. Repeat.

Sing. Eat. Repeat. It’s a simple life philosophy, born from past experience. The world of professional music is an upside down, bizarre ride. But it is possible to rise out of the primordial vibrato, strong and certain of your purpose. Let’s make something beautiful today and every day, because there can never be enough beauty in our world. So sing and eat, dance and drink, laugh and talk.

Let’s talk about why art matters more in a world at war, on how to learn from others’ mistakes, on our relationship with material things, on igniting a culture of living art in a consumerist culture, on the importance of barriers for the artist. But not only that: let’s talk about wine and whiskey, homemade chocolate chip pistachio cookies, Five Guys bacon cheeseburgers with grilled jalapeños, coffee roasting and brewing methods, and the immutable greatness of the martini.

Virginia Zeani says, “To sing is to thank God you are alive.”

I say, “To sing, followed by a heart stopping Five Guys bacon-burger and a bottle of carmenere red, is to thank God twice.”